Should I Start I Home Jewellery Business?

What goes hand in hand with weddings and engagements? Jewelry. The very act of giving jewelry from one to another is almost as timeless as love itself. It’s not just the gesture of giving a ring but it’s what the ring represents-you’re undying affection and care for your soul mate, right? Obviously the importance of the ring you choose cannot be underestimated. But where do you even start? What do you look for in a diamond?

When you select a diamond for that special someone the first rule is that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Great diamonds rely on a great cut. While a poor cut means a dull diamond, a great cut means a precious commodity. When it comes to color less is more. Since color steals from the brilliance of the diamond best diamonds are nearly colorless.

Raw Uncut Diamonds /

Diamonds come in 7 different shapes: emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, and round. This is where personal preference comes in. If you’re planning to give the ring as a surprise you’ll have to do your detective work. Note the type of jewelry your special someone wears. If she’s accustomed to simple rings then a bulky diamond such as a pear shaped will stick out further and be more apt to hit a surface. One of the best techniques is to inquire with one of her close friends. 

Once you’re ready to purchase, get a diamond grading report from the dealer. This report will testify to the diamonds authenticity and evaluate the characteristics of the diamond. Diamond shopping isn’t a chore. Now that you’ve got some of the basics down you’re almost half way there. Shop around to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. After all this may well be one of the most important purchases of your life. No pressure. 

Written by Luke Harris for Charms Connection. Outfit your wedding party with a custom Italian charm bracelet.