Silver – Its Meaning

What do we know about silver, aside from the usual things we know about it, such as it being a perfect piece of silvery for those having simpler tastes? What is silver and what does it mean in certain aspects?

As a colour

It is a colour of riches. It may have cool properties not unlike to grey, however, you could say that silver is more playful, lively and fun. To truly know the meaning of the colour silver, it is associated with the meanings such as elegance, sophistication, grace, glamour, ornate, high-tech, sleek and industrial. Silver, as a colour, you could say, is a fun grey robot.

As a metal

It often symbolises wealth and riches, just like gold. It is also believe to be some kind of mirror to our soul and helps us see what we are to how other people sees us. As a gemstone, however, it represents psychic abilities, sensitivities, kindness, tenderness, mystic vision, meditation, unconditional love and hope.


Aside from all that, silver also affects our body and mind as a communicator and conductor that will aid us in public speaking, as well as some eloquence. Why? Because silver was believed to draw all the negative energy out of you and then replace it with a positive kind of energy.

What else?

  • Silver-haired people are known to have aged elegantly while grey-haired people are viewed as just old people.
  • Silver is what we traditionally have as a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, as well as be used a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift.
  • Artwork in the South West are has Silver in their artwork as well as brown and turquoise.

Silver trivia

  • Silver-spoon – used to describe with someone who came from a wealthy upbringing and probably barely worked a day in their life.
  • Silver-tongued devil – someone who knows how to manipulate and lie to get what he wants. An insincere person who is smart enough to get in and out of a situation with just his words.
  • Pieces of silver – coins or money in general.
  • Silver-tongue – similar to the silver-tongue devil except this one is about less manipulative and more on the witty side.
  • Silver screen – used to reference Hollywood and movies.

When going back to the colour itself, if you’re writing something and you’re just about sick of using the same adjective over and over again, you can use the words Metallic Grey, Grey and Gun Metal to replace the word silver itself. See, silver isn’t just your average accessory. It isn’t just an exciting version of the colour grey. It has its meanings and lore, just like its flashier counterpart, gold. The next time you pick out a new silver necklace, don’t forget that wearing it means elegance and wealth. You would wearing something that symbolises those words so wear it proudly. Make sure the gemstone you pair it with has an exciting meaning too.