A Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds For Bespoke Jewellery

A Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds For Bespoke Jewellery

Fashions and trends come and go and regarding getting engaged, the current fad is to have the engagement ring custom made by an expert jeweller. Sadly, there are those that think custom jewellery is very expensive, when in actual fact, commissioning a piece of jewellery is no more costly than acquiring an existing item. It isn’t every day that you promise to share your life with another and such an occasion demands something unique.

If you would like to design the ultimate diamond engagement ring, this would involve the purchase of loose stones and with that in mind, here are some tips.

Choose an experienced custom jeweller

Let’s say that you wanted to own a few of those cognac diamond rings Australia has, the best approach is to contact a leading custom jeweller, who can acquire loose gemstones at wholesale prices. Indeed, the jeweller can complete the project from design concept to the finished article and the custom jeweller can usually work to the client’s budget.


When buying diamonds, you really do need to know your stuff; precious stones are categorised using the 4C system: clarity, carat, cut and colour. Every genuine diamond comes with certification, which might be issued by the Gem Institute of America (GIA) or another governing body. Obviously, diamonds are not graded until they have been cut and when you commission a diamond engagement ring, the custom jeweller would have the stones graded and would provide the client with the certification. Without a certificate, a diamond is practically worthless and this should be your guideline when purchasing diamond jewellery.

Risk of online fraud

We would not advise an individual with no precious stone experience to search for loose diamonds online. There are many scam artists out there who will try to separate you from your money. The best person to help you acquire loose diamonds is the custom jeweller, as he has a working association with all the diamond wholesalers. Besides, when you have the ring crafted by an expert, you are assured that the stones are genuine.

One stop custom jewellery solutions

You don’t want to be in a position where you are acquiring loose diamonds directly, as most people have little or no knowledge about diamonds.  The best way to acquire quality diamonds in a loose, uncut form is to approach a custom jeweller, who has connections with diamond wholesalers. Every aspect of the engagement ring would be meticulously designed using 3D imaging. Once the client has approved the final design, the expert can work his magic and before long, the finished article is ready for viewing.

If you are looking to create a unique diamond engagement ring and are open to ideas regarding design, why not have an informal Zoom call with a custom jeweller? A very special piece of jewellery such as an engagement ring should be unique and rather than buying a ring in the jewellery store, you can commission a custom jeweller to make something special, using the stones of your choosing.