Never Do These If You’re Going Shopping At The Mall

Most people shop online now, but that doesn’t mean the malls are obsolete. It would be boring if they don’t exist anymore, just because online shopping is a thing now. Some people go there to have fun when they’re bored. And while you’re bored, you would want to eat in the restaurants the mall harbours before buying some things that have caught your attention.

What if you want to shop for some jewellery and clothes specifically and ON a budget? Because you can’t afford the shipping fee the online store is offering for the moment, you have to get your stuff from the mall. Here are things you should avoid doing while in the mall, if this is the case for you.

Recklessly getting your ears pierced

Unless that’s an establishment that has plenty of experience, don’t just get your ear pierced all willy nilly. Do you have any idea how much bacteria those needles have? They might wipe them before using, but there’s always the chance of bacteria still clinging if not sterilised properly. You don’t want some kind of infection near your ears. TRUST ME.

Using the main public bathrooms

Let’s be honest. If you don’t want to contract some kind of disease, you should probably stay away from public restrooms. There isn’t a guarantee that their even maintained at ALL. Plus, they’re PUBLIC RESTROOMS. You’re better off going into an established restaurant and pee from there. Actually, even going in the wild is healthier.

Going in with no list

You’re going to lose track of what you’re supposed to buy if you don’t have a list. Not only will you forget what you’re even SUPPOSED to purchase, you will end up being susceptible to buying random stuff and inevitably wasting your money in the end.

Put everything on a credit card

Another thing we should be honest about. Credit cards tend to make us spend so much. Even stuff that we don’t even really need. You’re better off bringing cash to the mall instead if you’re planning on shopping there.

Forgetting to bring snacks

Don’t rely on the food in the mall if you’re going there on a budget. They’re going to be a lot more expensive than when you just buy them at your local mart. Bring snacks with you so you don’t get hungry. In fact, you should probably just go to the grocery to shop for snacks first. They’re slightly less pricey there unlike the food court of the stalls.

Shop while tired

Being tired means your brain is less alert. This could lead to dumb decisions. Don’t be the type of person to have bought something incredibly expensive all because you weren’t thinking straight. Some of the dumb decisions in the world isn’t just because of intoxication or emotion. They’re also because of people being exhausted and have become delirious because of it.