Essential Packing Tips When Using A Courier Service

Essential Packing Tips When Using A Courier Service

Packing is a natural consequence of doing business, especially when you are selling jewellery. Various items and paperwork also need to be delivered to other addresses. Many customers are making their purchases online using their smartphones and other devices, and so it is essential that your jewellery business has some kind of courier service that will deliver the items to the right address and on time.

Many businesses consider setting up their own delivery service by themselves without really understanding the implications of doing so. You have to set up a completely new department and then you have to hire staff to take care of it. You then need some kind of transport and a driver to deliver the items to their final destinations.

Once you do a cost analysis, it would seem clear that it would be much cheaper to contract out your delivery services. This is what many businesses are currently doing, and they can offset the cost of doing so by adding it to the price of the item. This means that you can provide an essential delivery service that all customers want and expect, and it ends up costing you very little money at all.

There are many avenues to have your items delivered like the courier trucks Melbourne can provide. You can also find great services in your location with the help of Google. As the transport is already in place and they know the city like the back of their hand, the jewellery ordered by your clients will certainly arrive safe and sound. Your customers will be very happy indeed. Many businesses think the sale of an item is the end of the transaction, but it doesn’t just stop there. The customer expects their item to be delivered to them in a timely manner before they are happy that the deal is done. Customer service is the name of the game in business and if you can’t provide it then your customers will go to someone who can.

One essential aspect that many users of courier services seem to overlook is packaging the item properly. If you’re still a little in the dark as to how you should do this, then here are a couple of tips to help you.

  1. Label the item correctly. This obviously involves adding the address where the jewellery has to go, but you should also indicate that the contents inside are fragile or not. If the item also has to stay in a certain position during transit, then you need indicate by writing or putting a label on the item that says ‘this way up’ so that the courier knows how to handle it correctly. This also applies to important documents that you need to arrive at the final destination in their original form and so it would be best to indicate that the item is not to be bent or folded.
  • Use some bubble-wrap. For pieces of jewellery that can be easily damaged and are quite fragile, you really do need to take steps to protect them, and there’s a logistics company in Melbourne that can take care of that. These services will do their part and get your item to its final destination on time with great care, but you can only expect them to do so much. It is up to you to properly package your items so that they don’t get bounced in transit because no matter how much care is taken by your courier service provider, accidents do happen and it’s always best to be prepared.

Your courier company will take all necessary steps to protect the jewellery no matter what, but it always pays to be careful and to protect yourself from the odds. Using a courier company to deliver customer orders and even business documents is an excellent idea, and they will get there in a fraction of the time than if you tried to take them yourself or if you even used the postal service. Your customers’ orders will get there in literally minutes or hours when compared to using any other methods.