How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is one of the most important symbols in any marriage. It signifies love, commitment, and starting a new life together. Every woman has a different idea of what constitutes the perfect engagement ring. Some women prefer diamonds, while others would rather have more unique gemstones. But how do you choose the right engagement ring for your significant other?

Determine Her Ring Size

Measure the inside circumference of her finger with a ruler or measuring tape and note the measurement in millimeters. This measurement will be used to determine what size she needs to order. Compare this number to standard US and UK ring measurements.

Choose Your Diamond Style

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A great place to start is determining the ring setting.  There are a few different settings to choose from including solitaire, three stone ring, and halo. From traditional to alternative,  there are many different styles of rings to choose from. It’s important to consider whether you’re looking for a large diamond ring or small ring, and also what type of metal is best suited for your lifestyle.

Know Your Diamond’s 4 Cs


The most important factor in a diamond’s cut is the symmetry of its proportions. If it has an asymmetrical shape, then light can be reflected to make unpleasant patterns on some parts of the surface – known as ‘fire’. A well-cut diamond will have been symmetrically carved by one and only one cutter so that all sides are smooth and reflective.


Diamonds with the best grades are perfectly white, while diamonds with lower grades will have more colors in them and may even appear yellow or brown.


Diamonds can come in virtually any color but there are three main types: yellow, blue or grayish brown. A colorless diamond is more valuable because it’s less likely to be tinted by environmental factors. Don’t forget to consider color grading: D indicates darkness while H highlights light tones without diminishing clarity; higher grades signify less color presence than lower grades.


The carat weight is a measure of the diamond’s size, and it correlates with its value. You may also want to take note of the cut grade that suits your preferences and budget when viewing stones. 

Get An Idea Of Her Style Preferences

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No one can be sure what the perfect engagement ring is for a woman until you find out exactly what she likes. There are many factors that go into finding the right engagement ring, and her style preferences should be near the top of your list. 

Soft, feminine stones like diamonds are perfect for women who love the sparkle and shine; more natural gems make sense if she loves earthy jewels or has an adventurous spirit; white sapphires work well with every skin tone, making them a safe bet among engagement rings meant to be worn often.

Know Your Budget

Know what you are willing and able to spend before going out on the hunt for your perfect diamond ring. Once you’ve determined how much money you want to spend on an engagement ring, it’s time to start browsing for a diamond that suits the style of the bride-to-be and her personal tastes.