Amazing Winter Clothing Pieces That Actually Keep You Warm

You have to admit that some of the trending fashion statements for winter don’t exactly give you the warmth you were supposed to have. Winter is a COLD season where you will uncomfortably cold and possibly get sick from it if you aren’t careful. You shouldn’t be focusing on pretty things to wear. In fact, you should be focusing more on your health, comfort and safety.

But we understand that it can be a little discouraging to not wear anything that makes us feel confident. That gets especially hard to do during winter. It’s hard to stay fashionable when you are freezing your butt off, of course.

However, it’s 2019. People are more about practical stuff. They are even MORE about practical stuff that are ALSO head-turners. It’s up to you what brand you pick to get these items to get ready for the winter. But you should still know what the warm winter clothes are first.

Furry Mittens

Our hands tend to get cold way faster than anywhere else on our body. And when it does, it’s harder to work or function or think properly (speaking from experience).

Shearling Scarf

This kind of scarf will not only make you feel warmer, it will also give you a softer feel rather than the usual kind of texture you get from regular scarves.

Cosy Socks

Another part that gets uncomfortable when cold are our feet, especially our toes. Never leave them out and keep them warm.

Ear Muffs

Ears are probably the only thing (aside from our nose) on our head that gets affected by the cold so much. Make sure that they are warm too.


At home, you aren’t just going to walk around barefoot in this cold, right? Put your feet into fluffy slippers.

Knee Socks

Wearing knee socks provides comfort to your legs. The best thing about knee socks? The warmth extends to your KNEE.


My head don’t usually get cold. I mean at least never experienced my scalp shivering in the cold. But beanies give you the warmth and comfort that your dome needs. Also, it prevents snow from falling on your hair.


Gloves are the same as fluffy mittens, except they are less fluffy and more on making sure that the cotton gets intimate with each of your fingers just right.

Sweater Scarf

These types of scarves look like sweaters, as you may have already guess from the name. The best part is that they have pockets.

Fur Hat

If you aren’t too sure about beanies, then fur hats are there to keep you extra warm. Don’t go anywhere without your skinned beaver, guys.

Denim Slipper

If normal fluffy slippers aren’t your thing, luckily there are denim slippers that have no problem keeping you comfy and warm while you are at home.