Getting Inspiration In Times Of Burn Out, Mental Block And Discouragement

Trying to figure out how to get out of funk is one of the most exhausting things to do in the world. You are basically trying force yourself out of something you can’t control. It sucks that we have these moments, especially when you work and get paid for something that your brain needs to keep working on. But I guess even brain activity has its own limit.

What sucks even more is that our brain gets affected with whatever our heart is feeling. So even if our minds are okay, if something upsets us it could mess up our whole brain productivity. It’s hard to get back up too. It makes work the next few days really tiring and not worth it.

There aren’t that much we can do that a good trip to your therapist can’t help you with. Sometimes these funks are products of a mental illness we were and weren’t aware about. So if it’s something that you think is of that area, go see your therapist first before attempting something yourself. Mental health is the most important kind out there, especially these past years when moral had become pretty much non-existent.

Anyway, here are tips for getting out of your mental funk.

Don’t just give up on YOURSELF. This is temporary.

Remember that this doesn’t just happen all the time and every day. It happens, yes, but probably really rarely depending on the person. Don’t give up on yourself. You haven’t lost all inspiration.

It’s OKAY to look to others for inspiration and help.

It’s fine, people do it all the time. It’s kind of inevitable seeing as our brain isn’t actually an infinite source of energy and original ideas.

Mental break is key.

Get away from work or anything related to what you do that caused this burn out. Take a break and get in touch with your hobbies that make you happy and distracted.

Read something for a change.

Reading is the best and greatest source for inspiration. You get ideas from other people’s writing, stories and ideas. Even just a little bit from the thing you read will help. It doesn’t matter what you read too every reading material in the world is great.

Realise and accept that this happens and days like this exist with other people too.

There’s no use fighting back. Doing so will just exhaust you more. It’s better to lay down and relax, let the burn out and exhaustion settle. This is our brain telling us that we need to rest anyway. Listen to that instead of forcing your way through.

Turn the inspiration into manageable pieces.

This makes things easier in the long run. If they’re small and manageable, it makes doing things just a bit easier than before.

Use spontaneity to your advantage.

Inspiration just appears out of nowhere the least you expect it. Use the randomness to your advantage.

Team up with others.

Teaming up with others is really great. You get ideas and point of views from other people as well as let your mind open up to other possibilities.